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Security Locks For Van Doors

There are a variety of options for van door security locks. There are rep locks, deadlocks and slam locks and many more. The best option for you is the one that best suits your needs.


Van deadlocks are an easy method of increasing the security of your vehicle. There are a variety of ways that they function. The primary function of deadlocks is to deter thieves from gaining entry into your van.

They can be put on the outside or inside your vehicle. You should choose a lock that is appropriate for the weight of your vehicle to ensure the highest security. Once the lock is in place it is possible to carry and unload your cargo effortlessly.

When choosing deadlocks, it is important to also consider the type of enclosure you'd like to install. They come in various sizes and shapes and can be used to secure the interior of your vehicle.

There are two types that are available: one is a one lock that isn't openable from the inside. The other is a hook bolt which locks it in place. Premium deadlocks come with extra secure keys if you need more security than basic security.

It's recommended to hire a professional to install deadlock. A trusted locksmith will ensure the lock is installed correctly.

Another alternative is to install the slam lock. A slam lock can be a convenient choice for frequent use, but it's not as robust as deadlocks.

Installing deadlocks is a good first step in preventing burglary. They also offer an additional level of security, and aid in protecting valuable cargo.

The most effective deadlocks are a visible discouragement to thieves. The cylinder is made from high-quality black plastic , and is UV-treated.

As with any security feature that you choose, choosing the best deadlock for your vehicle is an important investment. Alongside the standard measures, such as locking your windows and ensuring your vehicle is in good condition It is also worth thinking about installing deadlocks.


If you're a courier, or you deliver high-value goods to customers installing slam lock locks for your van can improve the security of your vehicle. These locks automatically lock the door once the door is shut.

Van slamlocks are an affordable way to increase the security of your van. They are available on many websites. However, it's important to ensure you buy the right one for your vehicle.

First, you must decide which type of slam lock is best for your needs. Certain doors can be operated with one hand, while some require two. It is also essential to have an extra key. It's not easy to get locked out of your vehicle. You will want to ensure that the lock is sturdy.

Van slam locks are frequently used by couriers and tradesmen because they offer excellent security. They can be fitted on rear and side doors and are a quick and easy way to improve the security of your van.

Another reason why van slam locks are popular is because they're affordable. It is common to find a slam lock for less than PS130. Prices will vary depending upon the van's model.

Simply pull on a cable to turn on a slam lock. The cable and the handle are connected to stainless-steel guards and cam assemblies. If your keys are lost an alternative key is supplied.

Multi-drop delivery drivers appreciate the speed and convenience of slam locks. They are ideal for heavy deliveries. They are also very visually deterrents.

Legend's SecuriLock van lock is a high-quality option. It is permanently fixed to the door. This Italian-made lock features an anti-cutting mechanism, as well as a tough zinc-nickel coating.

Locks for Rep

Van burglaries are a huge issue in the UK. In fact, vans are broken into every 23 minutes! Van break-ins can result in devastating consequences. The value of thousands of pounds of tools and equipment is stolen from vans. Tradesmen make up a large portion of the British economy, mobile van Security lock fitting and van theft is a major concern.

Van thieves have a broad assortment of tools to steal your gear. They'll risk a lot to get their hands on the contents of your van. There are numerous van security locks you can pick from.

The most well-known van lock types are deadlocks, hook locks and slam locks. Each type offers a different degree of security.

Deadlocks are the best kind of lock. They function by keeping a bolt in a lock keep and require an unlocking key. They are anti-drill thanks to their security-enhancing pinning. Slam locks are also safe, but do not require a key to open.

Van rep-locks are yet another high security option. Rep-locks can replace OE door locks and are able to be linked to the central locking system in the vehicle. This could reduce the cost of insurance.

Slam locks are a great choice for multi-drop delivery companies. These locks automatically lock when the van's door closes, making them ideal for tradesmen and couriers.

A Replock can be affixed to the Ford Transit Custom driver's side door. It can be locked to either the deadlock in the rear or side deadlocks on the door.

There are a variety of Replocks that are available including the Ford Approved Transit Model and Custom Hykee Replocks. Other Replock options include:

LDS Van Security Locks specialists can provide more details on deadlocks for vans as well as other security locks to secure your van. LDS is an expert in van security solutions and also offers mobile Van security lock fitting installation.


Mul-T-Lock's ArmaDlock van door security locks are simple to install and use. This security solution is ideal for tradesmen and van fleet operators. It offers a secure, high-performance locking mechanism with a visual alarm, and the guarantee of safety.

Mul-T-Lock ArmaDlock is not like other van door locks. It does not require separate components. In fact, the lock body is non-corrosive and can be bolted to any vehicle. Additionally the locking bolt is solid steel. Furthermore, the reversible silver key gives users additional security.

The ArmaDlock is an elegant design that can be used to open and close van doors. In addition, it can be used for electrical cabinets, double doors and many other uses. Due to its light design, this lock system is easy to install and maintain.

The ArmaDlock also features an I.D. code I.D. card as well as a master key and keys that are double-sided. These are just one of the many features that make this security system a great choice for business and home. It is also available in a variety of attractive colors, including white, yellow red, and blue.

The ArmaDlock is easy to install however it is crucial to be prepared. Before installing the lock, the edges between the door edge and the adjoining body must be flush. To prevent paint scratches, masking tape can be used to cover the holes during the installation. The template provided with the lock will assist you to mark the locations of the four holes. The lock can then be installed. It is now safe to rest knowing that the installation is complete.

It is crucial to pick the right van door security locks in order to protect your van as well as valuables. The Mul-T-Lock ArmaDlock is a high-performance locking device that can be keyed alike or keyed to another.


A Tufloc security lock is an ideal way to ensure your possessions are secure. The company offers high-security locks for sliding, roll-up and entry doors. They are made of sturdy alloy metals that are worth the investment. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and shapes, so you'll find one that meets your needs. Whether you're looking for the top van door lock or the top door latch The company has you covered. Their entire line of products is available on their website.

The Tufloc high-security lock is equipped with a couple of tricks in its sleeve. The lock's unique twisting key design makes it a great option for roll-up and sliding doors. In addition, the company's exclusive "snap-on" mounting system allows for quick installation and replacement. If you're worried about theft, they provide a lifetime warranty. This guarantees that you'll never be left out in the cold when it comes to your belongings.

You can browse through a wide variety of Tufloc security locks on their website. You'll find the lock that suits your needs, from a tough model that comes with a lifetime warranty to a petite, sexy slider. In addition, mobile van Security Lock fitting they'll let you know when they're out of stock. Get yours now. Don't forget to look at their other products that are innovative while you're at the store.


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